DPL Ultraviolet Kitchen Canopies

Ultraviolet Grease and Odour Control System

The DPL UV system is a self-contained Ultraviolet filtration and odour removal system designed to be integrated into all types of canopy in the DPL model range.

Ultra Violet Canopy FiltrationThree Stage Filtration

  1. Primary stage filtration is provided by DPL ‘Baffle’ Model grease eliminator cells.
  2. Second stage filtration - stainless steel DPL ‘Guardian’ washable mesh filter panels to provide further grease particle removal and increase the effectiveness of the UV system.
  3. Third stage - Ultraviolet grease and odour removal.  Special lamps, generating powerful UVc light to breakdown grease and eliminate odour.

Mounted in a specially designed housing, within the canopy filter plenum, the DPL UV system forms an integral part of the main canopy installation.

The unit is fully interlocked and protected through the use of the DPL UV Control Module, providing a safe and trouble free operation.

Ultra Violet Filration Control PanelKey features of the Control Module:

  • Compact microprocessor control
  • Touch sensitive, wipe-clean facia
  • Fan monitoring ensures airflow and provides safety interlock for the UV system
  • Accidental Filter removal safety interlock provided by sophisticated pressure monitoring circuit
  • UV lamp performance monitoring provides the user with information on lamp status and lifetime
  • Dirty filter condition indicators - visual LED lamps and audible warning signals
  • Gas services interlocking - in accordance with BS6173

System Design

The DPL UV system can be incorporated into any of the canopies in the DPL model range, including models that incorporate integral supply air systems.

Each DPL canopy is tailored to fit the airflow requirements of the appliances as defined by DW/1272.  The DPL UV system is similarly sized so as to ensure that the canopy is energy efficient with lamps selected to provide the optimum level of filtration.

Ultra Violet FiltrationWhy choose a UV system?

UV technology can be harnessed to provide the ultimate in effective grease and odour removal.  By harnessing the power of UVc rays, it is possible to create an environment where grease compounds are completely broken down through a chemical reaction. 

The benefits of UV filtration:

  • Improved kitchen hygiene
  • Reduced canopy cleaning and extends duct maintenance intervals
  • Increased fan life
  • Greatly reduced fire risk through duct contamination
  • Improved environmental factors from minimised odour emissions

Key features of the system

  • Compact microprocessor control unit.
  • Touch sensitive facia.
  • Fan monitoring ensuring correct airflow and providing safety interlock for UV system.
  • Filter removal safety interlocking provided by sophisticated pressure monitoring circuit.
  • UV lamp performance monitoring - provides information on lamp status and lifetime.
  • Grease filter condition with visual and audible warnings.
  • Gas services interlocking (in accordance with BS 6173 System Design).

The DPL UV system can be incorporated into all canopies in the DPL range, including models with integrated supply air systems.

All DPL products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the B&ES DW172 specification with airflow calculations designed specifically for catering appliances.

DPL UV systems are designed with maximum efficiency and optimum performance in mind.

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